EPD verification

What does the term “declaration verified by a third party” mean?

Anyone can draw up EPDs for their products, and they can put any environmental information they want in the declarations. All declarations verified by a third party have been checked and proved to be a reliable source of environmental information. Such declarations are called verified. The verification shall be carried out by an approved verifier in accordance with EN ISO 14025 and ISO 21930:2007.

The Building Information Foundation RTS approves declarations that have been checked by a third party. We publish information of all approved verifiers on our website, so companies are able to select the verifier from the list of verifiers.

Who can verify a Rakennustieto EPD?

EPDs shall be verified in accordance with ISO 14025:2006: Verification: confirm, through the provision of objective evidence, that specified requirements have been fulfilled. ISO 14025:2006, section 3.9.

Verification is an extremely important and challenging part of the quality assurance of the EPDs. As mentioned in the standard, verification verifies that all declared information is correct and that all of the requirements set for the declaration have been met.

Potential verifiers can apply for the Rakennustieto EPD verifier status from the Building Information Foundation RTS. The verifier status can be granted for a period of three years. After this the verifier must apply for the status again from RTS.

More detailed information on the requirements for verification can be found in the Rakennustieto EPD Guideline. You can download this and other documents related to verification (e.g. the application for Rakennustieto EPD verifier status) from the Materials page

In the  EPD FAQ page you can find also more information.