Why Choose Building Information as your EPD Publisher?

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Building Information Ltd is owned by the Building Information Foundation RTS and is part of the RTS group.

Revenues are directed through the activities of the Building Information Foundation to the development of the entire property and construction sector – for the benefit of the entire industry.

Nordic Cross-Recognition

An agreement on cross-recognition of EPD statements has been made among Nordic EPD publishers, including Building Information, EPD International, EPD Norway, and EPD Denmark. This allows the environmental declaration of a product to be published in the systems of more than one publishing operator. Systems may have requirements, such as that transport in module A4 is calculated and declared according to the requirements of another publisher as well.

The agreement also allows for the utilization of product category-specific PCR documents from another publication program. The benefit is that these documents provide suitable and consistent assumptions for EPD statements, making the information in the statements more comparable. If you want to use a product category-specific PCR document made in other systems covered by the agreement in your Building Information EPD environmental statement, please contact us so we can examine and approve the PCR document.

Product Information

Product Information is the world's first place where CO2 data is combined with the GTIN-coded product level. We deconstruct your EPD into a structured format, extracting about 20 data fields and making your information available to the entire industry through Product Information searches, management services, and interfaces. With Product Information, your product stands out in the market from competitors and is discoverable by purchasers and designers. The information is also effortlessly transmitted to contractors and clients. Product Information multiplies the benefits of publishing an EPD and ensures that the EPD is genuinely used.

Product Information is a solution for the entire construction industry for life-cycle product information management. It facilitates design, decision-making, supervision, and required documentation. For more information: Tuotetieto.fi

Group EPD

When products are sufficiently similar in their manufacture, they can be published as a group (together or in several) in an EPD statement. This can save significant costs by grouping products. For example, concrete pillars, beams, and wall elements manufactured at the same production facility can be grouped, even though the products require different output tables. Their production is so similar that their information can be well presented with a single background document.

A Reliable Operator

We are responsible for the verification of the EPD and the management of our publishing platform, as well as for developing and/or identifying existing product class rules required by the EPD.

ECO Platform

When you publish an EPD in Building Information, it is also automatically published in the ECO Platform, which is the umbrella organization for European EPD program holders in Europe.