How to apply for Rakennustieto EPD

You can apply for an Rakennustieto EPD by submitting an [application linkki EPD application form]. Please send us the EPD application with attachments at least 3 working days before the meeting, so that the application and the attachments can be checked. The next meeting dates are listed on the front page of the application portal.

For a company to apply for Rakennustieto EPDs, they must attach the following information:

  • signed environmental declaration that contains similar all the information presented in the sample declaration
  • verification report
  • verification checklist
  • project report
  • communication report (between author of the EPD and verifier)
  • product information sheet
  • instructions of use
  • preferably EPD information in ILCD+EPD format as an XML file or ZIP file and excel-file (EN15804:2019) for publishing in the ECO Platform ECO Portal

Note! If the application is missing attachments, it will not be handled by Rakennustieto EPD technical committee. The process will be started only after all the necessary attachments are received.

Read more about the environmental declarations and the application process in Rakennustieto EPD Guideline. You can download the Guideline here

Rakennustieto EPDs are approved by a technical committee set up by the PT42 RT EPD Committee. The TC ensures that the declaration, the verification certificate and the application contain all essential information. We notify the company of the approval, after which the company has the right to use the Rakennustieto EPD logo in conjunction with the declaration.

EPDs compiled according to EN15804 + A1 could be published until 7/2022. From 8/2022 we have approved EPDs’ compiled only according to EN15804+A1+A2 (EN15804:2019).

In accordance with EN 15804, declarations are valid for five years after verification. One can apply for the right to use the Rakennustieto EPD logo during the period of validity of the declaration.

The approved declarations are listed on the our website where one can search for EPD. Furthermore, companies have the possibility to get the Rakennustieto EPD listed in Building Information’s product information service (Rakennustiedon Tuotetieto) and publish the carbon footprint information there.

Please see the Rakennustieto EPD publication fees

Declaration template and protocol for Rakennustieto EPD

What is an RTS PCR and how is it used?

In order for a company to be able to draw up an EPD, by itself or together with an external expert, the company must have both the standard EN 15804:2019 and the protocol EPDs (EPD) published by the Building Information Foundation RTS sr: General instructions for drawing up EPDs (RTS PCR). The standard can be easily acquired from SFS, while the RTS PCR is available in the  Materials page. Please notice requirements for data quality ( Data quality – EN 15941 )

The protocol (RTS PCR) contains all supplementary and explanatory information that is not included in the standard. Both documents must always be followed when preparing Rakennustieto EPD information. The standard provides basic information on preparation of EPDs, while the RTS PCR provides information about the following topics, which are needed for Rakennustieto EPD:

  • information modules to be declared (A, C and D), as well as additional modules and the associated information
  • additional information about the allocation of product, material and energy flows
  • additional information about the procedure for allocating reuse, recycling and other recovery
  • additional information about transport to construction site
  • additional information about modules B6 (Energy use) and B7 (Water use)
  • additional information about emissions of dangerous substances into indoor air
  • product description

RTS PCR information is updated as needed. The PT42 RT EPD Committee appointed by the Building Information Foundation RTS sr is responsible for updating the information as well as for developing PCR and EPD operations.

Dowload the RTS PCR from our Materials page.

What is a declaration template and how can it be used?

The Building Information Foundation RTS sr publishes the Rakennustieto EPD declaration template as an example of a declaration containing all information required as an attachment to the RTS PCR. The EPD prepared by the company must contain all information presented in the declaration template.

The declaration template contains all information required by the standard, from product description to company information and signatures. The author of the EPD can use the declaration to make sure that the company’s declaration contains all necessary information. All information presented in the declaration template is mandatory, unless otherwise specified.

Download the Rakennustieto EPD declaration template from our Materials page